Summer Scholars - Let's Go!

You've Woken Up. It's Time for Breakfast!

The options are endless.
What will you eat for breakfast at Abbott Dining Hall ?

It's Time for Your First Class!

You head over to the Gruss Center for Art & Design to start a full day of hands-on creativity.
What will you make?

Summer Scholars - Robotics

GCAD is a maker space that encourages interdisciplinary study of art and technology. It's the ideal spot for robot building. And maybe....he'll do all your homework for you!

Choose This about A Robot
Summer Scholars - Drawing

Let your imagination run free - paint the (you say imaginary, i say real) faeries that live in Lawrenceville's pond. Invite your classmates to join in for a unique and memorable collab. The possibilities are endless!

Choose This about A Mural

The Day Is Flying By! It's Time for House Competition.

You definitely want your team to win the House Cup.
Which event will you choose as your time to shine?



You're ready to give your all! Whether you're the anchor or the one up front, looking your opponent in the eye, you're going to leave it all on the field and use all your might to bring home the cup for your team.

Choose This about Tug of War

Time for Class Two!

Where are you headed?

And Finally...Let's Head Back Outside!

Afternoon activities are some of the most fun and relaxing times of the day.
What are you most excited about trying?

Check Out All of the Lawrenceville Summer Scholars Mascots!

They all hope you have the best summer ever!

Download all of their coloring pages and make them your own: