Lawrenceville Summer Scholars faculty model community engagement, environmental responsibility, and lifelong learning. The small classes feature Harkness discussions, and faculty include Lawrenceville teachers, as well as college professors and teachers from local private and public schools.

Harkness Teaching

Since 1936, Lawrenceville has been educating students using the Harkness method which allows students and teacher to sit together at an oval table to engage in group discussion. This configuration reflects a philosophy of education that values the expression of ideas in a comfortable setting and challenges students to gain in personal and academic confidence as they explore the variety of student perspectives. Central to the success of such pedagogy is small class size, and an expectation of student preparation that allows them to take an active part in their own learning.


Our classes represent a broad range of interests — from 3D Animation to Creative Writing to SSAT — and offer students an opportunity to develop the kinds of habits of mind that will serve them well in both their academic and professional careers. Average course size is 11 students, broken down by grade range, and Summer Scholars faculty conduct the courses using the Harkness teaching method.

Faculty & Staff

The program's faculty and staff are experts in their disciplines and are some of the best teachers in the region. Our faculty and teaching interns come from a number of academic communities. Some faculty are staff at The Lawrenceville School, and others from private and public secondary schools and graduate studies programs. All have in common a passion for their work and a commitment to our summer scholars. They are passionate about their subject areas and are excited about helping students learn about themselves and the course content.

Additional Academic Information

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Do you offer an ESL (English as a Second Language) program?

    No. All students applying to the program must have a high level of English proficiency in order to successfully participate in our Harkness-based courses.
  • Do I have to attend the full three weeks?

    Yes. Because our classes depend on the contributions of everyone, students are required to attend the full three-week session. Students who leave before the official end of the program will not receive grades or teachers’ comments.
  • How many hours will I be in class each day?

    The morning and afternoon classes each meet for 2.5 hours, Monday-Friday.
  • How much homework should I expect?

    Most classes require about 30 minutes of homework per night.
  • May I change my courses once I am accepted as a Summer Scholar?

    With your input, we place students in courses that meet their academic goals, but it is sometimes impossible to honor all course requests. After your choice of courses is confirmed, we expect to keep changes to a minimum. Requests for course changes must be made in writing before May 1st. The request must come from the parent/guardian of the student. Requests for course changes made after the session has begun must receive the approval of the Director of Summer Academics. Students must furnish compelling reasons in order to receive approval. Once classes start, no course changes will be made before the Wednesday of the first week of the session.
  • Where can I buy my class supplies and books?

    Summer Scholars provides books and course supplies. Students should arrive with basic school materials (pens, paper, laptops for tech courses).
  • What is the average class size in the program?

    Our class sizes are small. Most classes comprise of 10 to 14 students.
  • Who are the Summer Scholar teachers?

    A select few of our teachers teach at Lawrenceville during the academic year, while many are from other private schools, public schools, and colleges or universities. We aim to provide an academically global experience for our students by selecting the best faculty from all over the world to teach at Lawrenceville Summer Scholars. All of our summer faculty are experienced educators and deeply committed to our program and the Harkness teaching method.
  • Will I receive grades or credit for courses taken during the program?

    We do not grant credit or provide grades for course offerings because the courses offered are designed for academic enrichment and are not intended to cover a full semester’s worth of content. At the end of each course, students will receive a written evaluation from the instructor.
  • Do I need to bring a computer for the tech courses?

    Students registered for tech courses will work in computer/tech labs with the necessary equipment provided. For work done outside of the classroom, Lawrenceville is a BYOD (bring your own device) campus, therefore, students must provide their own laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc. Please see Computer and Wi-Fi Policies for further information.
  • May I arrive after the beginning of Summer Session?

    No, students are expected to arrive on time; however, in exceptional situations, students may contact the office to request permission for late arrival. If a late arrival is approved, you should be certain that the program’s office knows when and how you will arrive.
  • Why can I take only two courses?

    The courses are part of the complete Lawrenceville experience and allow time for community and "House" activities.

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