Our House System

Lawrenceville Summer Scholars - House System
Houses are the residential buildings on Lawrenceville's campus. While not all scholars will live on campus, everyone will be assigned a House as their community hub. Scholars learn, connect, and grow with peers and adults while taking part in fun, community-building activities to foster empathy and interpersonal skills. Participation in House life encourages socialization, provides a foundation for building relationships, and prepares scholars for similar structures at independent schools and colleges.
Accepted Residential scholars, who must be rising seventh, eighth, or ninth graders, will live in Lawrenceville's historic Houses; boys and girls live separately. Houses are air conditioned when warranted and are designed for single, double, or triple occupancy. Each House offers common areas for students to gather together to study, relax, and have snacks. Bathrooms and showers are located on each floor. Lawrenceville Houses are designed to be homes away from home!

Every student, no matter what type of room they receive, has their own extra-long twin bed, as well as a dresser, desk, chair, and closet. Students should bring one (1) set of bed linens, including a blanket(s), a pillow(s), and bath linens. The Summer Scholars administrative team assigns roommates, and we do our best to honor reasonable requests.

Along with their evenings, which are spent in a short study hall and in an evening activity, residential Summer Scholars spend two weekends on campus, and we have many fun events for residential students. These typically include talent shows, dances, volleyball tournaments, movie nights, trivia contests, and our infamous Trashion Show. We also organize off-campus activities such as trips to Philadelphia, sports games, amusement parks, and museums. If space allows, we will open these trips to Day students for an additional fee.

Our Faculty and Staff

The Lawrenceville Summer Scholars’ faculty and staff are experts in their disciplines and are among the best teachers in the region. They teach in a variety of impressive academic communities, including The Lawrenceville School, and are passionate educators and mentors who are excited about helping Scholars grow and experience boarding school life. Classroom teachers and residential advisors make sure scholars have the support they need to get the most out of the Summer Scholars program.

Classroom Learning

A select few of our teachers teach at Lawrenceville during the academic year, while many are from other private schools, public schools, and colleges or universities. We aim to provide an academically global experience for our students by selecting the best faculty from all over the world to teach at Lawrenceville Summer Scholars. All of our summer faculty are experienced educators and deeply committed to our program and the Harkness teaching method.

Our Campus

Come with us! Choose your way through a Summer Scholars adventure and meet your personal Lawrenceville mascot.